Yet another video with a lot of Japanese Pico games.


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ROMs shown (or at least, uh, attempted to) in this video;

"HPC-6020-00 - Quiz ni Challenge! Doraemon (Japan)" - Can't actually answer any of the quiz questions in Fusion.

"HPC-6029-00 - Paddington no Sekai Ryokou (Japan)" - Man, some strange licenses, huh? Anyhow, apparently needs touching the book pages to do anything, so...

"HPC-6032 - Lego Fun To Build (Japan)" - Needs touching the book pages to progress anywhere.

"HPC-6115-00 - Gakken Anpanman to Chinou Up! (Japan)" - Needs touching the book pages to get anywhere.

"MMGS-6 - Copera no Kono Ato Naani (Japan)" - MIXT BOOK PLAYER COPERA software is unemulated.

"T-133210-00 - Go! Go! Konii-chan! Doki Doki World (Japan)" - Needs touching the book pages to get anywhere.

"T-150030-00 - Unou Kaihatsu Series 8 Dracky no o-Ekaki House (Japan)" - HIRAMEKI MIRAI KIDS line. Appears to play alright but I'm not certain, really.

"T-150040-00 - Unou Kaihatsu Series 9 Nihon Mukashibanashi (Japan)" - HIRAMEKI MIRAI KIDS line. Crashes on page turn.

"T-193030 - Sodatete Manabu Doubutsu Oukoku! (Japan)" - Needs touching the book pages to get anywhere.

"T-193050 - Gabutcho Tsuri Gakkou Yatta ne! Boku wa Tsuri Meijn (Japan)" - Requires the use of the Fishing Pico accessory which is unemulated.

"T-150100-00 - Unou Kaihatsu Series 4 Kerokero Keroppi no Iro Katachi (Japan)" - Appears to play perfectly, actually. Same goes for...

"T-150110-00 - Unou Kaihatsu Series 6 Ahiru no Pekkuru no Kazoetemiyou (Japan)" - This other Sanrio "TALKING BOOK". These are both also very much in English, with fluent (though annoying IMO) English voice acting.
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