What is Remonetized?

Remonetized is a website for video content creators, to enable you to monetize your work through banner adverts. The site has been created primarily as a tool for video makers who have been demonetized, but is available to everyone regardless of your monetization status. Remonetized allows you to earn extra income by sending your subscribers to watch your videos on the site, and earning income from unobtrusive ads displayed on the page with your videos. Because you embed your videos from other sites rather than uploading them here, your views are still counted on the other site. This mean that if your videos are monetized on another platform you can still earn income from both Remonetized and the other platform concurrently.

Monetization requires an account with our advertising site, https://connect.remonetized.org. It's completely free to join, just click 'Register' (select 'Publisher' option in the 'Account Type' drop-down menu) and confirm your email address. From there you can login, and click the 'Account' tab on the top right of the page.Take a note of the number following ID: This is your unique publisher ID number.

Next click the 'Publisher' Tab to the left of the Account Tab. Then on the left hand side click 'Ad Codes', then 'Create'. For the first ad select 'Banner Only' then 468*60. Click 'Create Ad Code'.

Take a note of the number following adm-container-

Repeat this process for 728 * 90 and 300 * 250 ads, both under 'Text/ Banner', and remember to note the numbers.

Back in the main Remonetized site, go to 'My Settings'  (hover over your username on the top right for the menu to appear). In the settings you will see fields for Publisher ID, and unique ad id's for the 300 * 250, 728 * 90 and 428 * 60 ads. Fill in the relevant numbers, and 'Save Changes'. You should now check ads are displayed on your profile page, and on the pages with your videos. You can also check in the connect site to make sure your ads impressions are showing up, ie they don't remain at zero.

You can contact the site admin for help at any time. Thank you for reading, and welcome to remonetization!