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[PS1] Dragon Ball: Final Bout 体験版 (Taikenban) (recorde... 0    0

I wanted to record this for a long time, figuring it'd certainly be an interesting demo to look at. It was finally (PROPERLY) added to redump sets on so I figured I'd give it a go. I'm...

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Trying out Bubble Bobble Part 2 on Project Nested w/ SNES9X 0    0

The first Bubble Bobble was listed as non-working on the compatibility list, but this seems to run to some degree. On my first playthrough I disabled Stack Native Return and that got me to stage 40 b...

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Livestream - Poot 0    0

After multiple attempts, I managed to get a stable connection again. I showed Oden-kun a bit, and then experimented with demul Naomi Emulation with arcade Mushiking. This is from my livestream, w...

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Livestream Highlight - 2/8/2014 - SNESGT Satellaview Emulati... 0    0

From when I decided to try using my livestream as an educational tool! Actually, cutting and editing this made it look way more professional than it actually was. Hah!

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sm12438376 - BS-X_[エラー41] | BS-X Error 41 0    0

A video originally uploaded to NicoNicoDouga; and seemingly in reply to this Satellablog post;

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As Aventuras de Pikachu (BS Zelda Hack) 0    0

Why am I playing this? Why? WHY?! ... *coughcough* Anyhow, an explanation for why this is on GoodSNES might be nice. A really terribly done BS Zelda ROM hack featuring everyone's favorite Pokemo...

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554 Minna de Pico! Pokemon Waiwai Battle 554 for Sega Pico 0    0

Because the long title "Pocket Monsters Advance Generation Minna De Pico Pokemon Waiwai Battle!" won't fit. This one is emulated folks. That's right, that means th...

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New Super Mario Bros. Demo Version 0    0

Recorded for HiddenPalace: Used no$gba with no$looper. This is a demo version of New Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo DS. It normally plays for about a ~10 minute time pe...

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Dezaemon SFC Save: BS-X Shooting Converted from ROM to SRAM ... 0    0

This one may require a bit of a different description from the norm; this is a conversion of the recent "BS-X Shooting" dump to an SRAM file you can load and edit wit...

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[MAME] G.I. Joe (World, EB8, prototype?) 0    0

Decided to try checking another ROM which may or may not be a proto... I hope MAME actually figures it out sometime. Comparing it to other versions, there are some graphical bugs, but it's hard to ...

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[MAME] Game & Watch: Mario's Cement Factory (Table Top) ... 0    0

I wasn't told about this one, I just checked and saw it was there, and decided then to do my recording. Told people about it, and they wanted to hear that snippet of "Another One B...

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Mario Roulette - Voice Rips 0    0

I updated my MAME to get better Mario Roulette Emulation, so now I can upload these~ Most of the voices are a female announcer, but there's some SMW Sound effects, and a nice Bowser line~ Excuse...

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[Gamecube] Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (Interactive Multi-Game ... 0    0

So on a request from one of the many juans in my last stream chat, I decided to try looking into the US Gamecube demo discs. The first demo I tried was SA2B on Gamecube, Unfortunately, it's performan...

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[プレイステーション] 電撃Playstation D9 (Brave Fe... 0    0

For some reason Dengeki Playstation D9 only has a single demo - that being a demo of Brave Fencer Musashi which has two portions of the game highlighted. Excuse the slowdown in the middle of the pi...

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