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Corporate control of the government is nothing new. Read the book "The Plot to Sieze The White House" by Jules Archer

Up until my friend Arthur Bernklau (a 13-year Marine Sniper in Vietnam) bought a RARE First Edition copy of this book in 2004 from eBay, I never heard of General Smedley Butler, or this Facist plot to take over the US Government. This book, along with MY Book "Land of Childhood's Fears" by David Todeschini, will help the average citizen wrap their heads around the #PureEvil that exists in this world. The TRUTH of the matter is that The Deep State - or whatever you call it, SUCEEDED in taking over the US Government on November 22, 1963, with the full complicity of the Mainstream Media. Now with the advent of Social Media which elected the FIRST President since JFK that WASN'T INSTALLED by the Corporate Nazis, we have the censorship and the fake pandemics, and attempts to KILL everyone in the country with "vaccines" which are a slow-motion, untraceable DEATH SENTENCE. You MUST read these two books, and that will start unraveling the BRAINWASHING you've been subjected to all of your life. I have a Social Media presence primarily on BitChute.com under Net4TruthUSA. Look me up. Get an autographed, hardcover Special Edition (512 pages) copy of my book using links under those videos. DEFINITELY get yourself a copy of "The Plot to Seize The White House".... be ready to be SHOCKED about something they would NEVER teach in school.


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