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IGP9 00289 - Hurt the WOKE where it hurts 0    0

Corporate control of the government is nothing new. Read the book "The Plot to Sieze The White House" by Jules Archer Up until my friend Arthur Bernklau (a 13-year...

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IGP9 00285 — Clay Clark with Stoney Stone and Dave Trent 0    0

Clay Clark knocks it out of the park, but only scratches the surface of the #pureevil in this fallen planet.

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IGP8 00258 — A Smattering of Corruption 0    0

A few facts about the Cabal - a refresher course on #pureevil USA Net4Truth take down in real time In the video linked below, I illustrate how my previous channel was deleted by the Techno-Nazis ...

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IGP DSVIRUS - Deep State is source of Pandemics 0    0

Irrefutable proof that Global Pandemics are the tool of choice to control the masses. #pureevil Video used here Subscribe to Helen of Destroy

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