Family Basic NND Compilation - ベーマガに載っていたファミベのプログラム 31-60


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From a whole load of NicoNicoDouga videos, using this search term:ファミリーベーシック?page=1&sort=f&order=a

I've wanted to expose more people to the large amount of Family Basic videos on NicoNicoDouga, but there's so many that it'd potentially flood Youtube. Therefore, I've tried making larger compilation videos so at least I don't mess with people's subscription boxes. Although, it appears even 3 hour chunks are still just a small amount of material.

Another set ofe "Bemaga ni Notte Ita Famibe no Puroguramu" videos. I tried going for 31-60 but there's a few that were excluded due to video dimensions issues. sm2956224 - ファミリーベーシック ミュージックボード オリジナルロックンロール is also included.
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