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Livestream - Style Lanky 4 0    0

Oh shoot, this one is missing the "Provided by Nintendo" message. Aw, well. If you were seeing this from the beginning, you probably know already. It was drilled int...

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Livestream - Style Lanky 0    0

So, the story behind this? Nintendo sent me a copy of "Style Savvy: Fashion Forward" to play, mere days after my commentary on certain DMCA takedowns that hit the new...

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Livestream - Sega Beena Pokemon DP search game, Part 1: 554... 0    0

(NOTE: The log has mild audio desync for some reason. From what I have checked, the logs on my Hitbox and Twitch streams do NOT have audio desync, so youmay prefer to watch on one of them. http://tw...

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Livestream - Halloween Stream 0    0

It's not like I'll be able to stream while the candy's going around, so, let's have it up now~

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Livestream - NCP will monetize anything for me. 0    0

If anyone's curious, a while back I made a Nintendo Creators Program-approved channel. I've been using it to experiment on what I can get approved under ...

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Livestream Highlight - 7/8/2016 - I should had checked if t... 0    0

A really old livestream log. I probably wouldn't have put it up because it's one of the more sloppy streams, but ContentID caused my initial recording of the Contra Famicom Sample cart to be removed. ...

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Livestream Digest 2 - (Kiddo)Cabbusses Twitch Reels 0    0

So, as a self-pat on the back here, I'm posting up a compilation of fan-clipped segments from my livestreams from around the last three years of my livestreams. All of these clips and more are avai...

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Livestream Highlight - 6/2/2016 - Jason Lives Happily Ever A... 0    0

This livestream highlight shows some things that occured during my run of the NintendoPlayer proto release "Happily Ever After".

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Livestream Highlight - 7/18/2016 - Contra Advance Copy: The ... 0    0

In this livestream highlight, I play the hidden-palace release of the Contra Advance prototype. BTW, AndrewC, I went and re-checked some C...

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Livestream Highlight - 6/28/2016 + 6/30/2016 - Mortal Kombat... 0    0

Stupidly enough of me, I was not familiar with the YouTubers who had previously done videos regarding this game before the ROM was dumped, so I was ignorant of some things I should have known if I rea...

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Livestream Highlight - 2/8/2016 - TMNTII on Yobo FC summary 0    0

Another livestrramer highlight where I play a normal game on an unorthodox setup. I made sure the highlight edits empathized how different the music can sound.

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