BSFE but WIND is ripped from (the now dead) FE Sound Museum


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You know when you're the only person on the internet who'd bother to check if a certain site is still around so you don't for years and then the site is gone?

Yeah, that site was Fire Emblem Sound Museum, a subsection of Nintendo of Japan's old FE website, which is gone since the site was made over for all the new FE waifu shiznats.

Thank goodness for web archive! The media from Sound Museum was mostly still there, so I re-obtained monshou.swf, the flash file that contained the site's version of the BS Fire Emblem song "WIND". It's been some time since I put down any new notes on this song, but I should say, the FE Sound Museum site was the only one that had it play completely clean - even on the actual Satellaview broadcast, there was a voiceover over it!

So I did this quick edit of kukun kun's up of BS Fire Emblem dai-3-wa so that it plays Sound Museum's version of "WIND".

I guess this also works as the standard youtube music upload of BSFE's "Wind", huh?

Monshou.swf can be downloaded here:

kukun kun's BS FE video, used here for optimal quality:

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