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BOMBSHELL VOTER FRAUD REVEALED!!! | Lin Wood Exposes Voter F... 0    0

Attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are exposing the election fraud and Lin Wood shares the facts about the Canadian-made DOMINION vote-counting machines and the Venezuelan-made SMARTMATIC vote-count...

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IGP3 00124 — More V0T3R Frawde Developments 0    0

The methodology is clear See BCP video: https://youtu.be/yQaDU6t6Muo Corrugated Steel Runway https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marston_Mat

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Trump votes crushed cheating system; Shocking Frankfurt serv... 0    0

Brian Trascher told NEWSMAX in a Nov. 18 interview that the Trump team has recovered raw data from Dominion Voting servers seized in Germany. He said the data will be made public, including informatio...

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IGP3 00123 — Wanna Play.... I don't think so 0    0

Exposure of Voter Fraud may ignite Global Revolt. You assholes wanna' play? I don't think so. See my video IGP3 000122 https://www.bitchute.com/video/qd7FIMh3C6cK/ https://youtu.be/GLUiwPnsE1E ...

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IGP3 00122 — YOU definitely need to hear this 0    0

Because of MSM and Techno-Nazi censorship, notifications for these videos have been suppressed. Use the following Android software to download this video, archive it, post it to your own channel, and ...

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#BCPTODAY #NEWS #BCPNEWS For More Content or to Support this channel: www.BCPExtras.com Subscribe to the second channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu3lxLxp3ZuJRga7gF9KIyg Email: black....

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FRAUD CLAIMS: Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani on Good Day New Yor... 0    0

President Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani aggressively made the case on Thursday for the Trump campaign's legal challenge of the 2020 election results, alleging in a fiery news conference that...

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Here's The CENSORED Trump Press Conference That EVERY AMERIC... 0    0

The Trump campaign provided an update on their election legal challenges from the Republican National Committee. Personal attorney for President Trump, Rudy Giuliani said the campaign will likely file...

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554 TRUMP WILL WIN 554 Rudy Giuliani Says LEGAL CHALLENGES... 0    0

President Donald Trump has announced a news conference to provide an update on his challenge to the results of the 2020 election. In a tweet on Thursday morning, Trump said, "Impor...

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IGP3 00121 — S3rv3rs Siezed 0    0

MASSIVE Election Fraud World-wide UNCOVERED. Scytl Servers Siezed in Frankfurt RAMPANT VOTER FRAUD See: https://youtu.be/Y_Gq-2dQ-ow https://youtu.be/mCdE2377fUM https://youtu.be/_8zhJ8DjQ7w ...

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This is why Trump signed 2018 EO and how Trump will serve a ... 0    0

The Hidden Things In Front of Your Eyes YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz-1G_PzQZ5fZVYjfoz_4CQ Pimpy’s Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/Pimpy15941740 Pimpy on Parler ...

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American Votes Tallied In Foreign Countries | Rudy Giuliani ... 0    0

Don’t forget to comment below with your Common Sense and subscribe to my podcast at www.RudyGiulianiCS.com ► Connect with Rudy Giuliani on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/RudyGiuliani ► ...

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IGP3 00120 — 3l3ction Rigging and DS Media 0    0

The gaslightig by MSM and the Techno-Nazis is getting toxic. The following is what I paste into every "fact-check" window I see. Just click on the 3 dots to the le...

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Scytl Frankfurt servers containing ballot data seized; Trump... 0    0

Fasten your seat belts, todays show is going to be a ride that has twists and turns. Larry Johnson writes that the US military does not have legal authority to seize servers in other countries, but h...

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IGP3 00119 — Siezed Server in Germany Trump 410 EC 0    0

I told all of you the day before yesterday about the US military seizing Dominion servers in Germany. How did I KNOW? I have SOURCES. Here is verification that my post 2 days ago was true. https://yo...

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Ep. 1395 More Troubling Questions Emerge About the Election ... 0    0

For show notes, visit https://bongino.com/ep-1395-more-troubling-questions-emerge-about-the-election This show is brought to you by Express VPN https://www.expressvpn.com/bongino In this episod...

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EP 2198-6PM President Trump’s Legal Team Summoned to White... 0    0

PETE SANTILLI SHOW #2198-6PM EASTERN MONDAY NOVEMBER 16, 2020 BROADCAST LINK: https://evault.video/view?l=1626013900 EP 2198-6PM President Trump’s Legal Team Summoned to White House for Emerge...

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IGP3 00117 — DenBi my pet Turkey Croaked. 0    0

Yes, folks, due to the apparent reprieve my pet Turkey DenBi thought he had, when Lori Lightfoot proposed limiting, or doing away with Thanksgiving family gatherings, he croaked when he learned we are...

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IGP3 00116 — SCYTL Raid by US Military CONFIRMED 0    0

Hat-tip to Subscriber 'Lucky 4Life' for the link to article here: https://tinyurl.com/y2qmag75 See my 2 prior related videos https://youtu.be/doCGSpf6Jx Ihttps://youtu.be/t-IKPLb5H9s

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IGP3 SHKHC — Plymouth Fury Repost 0    0

Reposted with Permission Plymouth Fury. Good stuff, funny and true. Subscribe Here: https://www.youtube.com/c/ShakehouseCircusInsaneAsylum *** #CLASS_ACTION Vs Big Tech *** See video: https...

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IGP3 00114 — Glitch my Arse 0    0

Dominion Software is said to have "glitched" in Biden's favor. I explain what a "glitch" really is, and why the MSM is blowin' smoke...

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IGP3 00113 — Adam Andrzejewski The Depth of the Swamp 0    0

This video is re-posted with permission of Hillsdale College. End of video has recording of phone call, giving permission to use this material. Adam Andrzejewski is the founder and CEO of http://w...

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