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IGP3 00076 — Bidens S3X TORTURE of little girls CONFIRMED 0    0

Hunter Biden Chinese torture video CONFIRMED. Patriots have it ALL. United States sold to CCP.... CONFIRMED.

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IGP3 00074 — Hunt3r is Hunt3d P33tza Gat3 II 0    0

The crescendo of Criminality is rising to levels Heretofore unseen in human history. EMPIRICAL FACT. PROVEN. UNDENIABLE. Almost the entire US Government is compromised, or involved in covering this sh...

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IGP3 00073 — A Cho-Mo Wannabe and a Crackhead Bring Down t... 0    0

Who would have thought that a few tweets of a schlong and a few too many hits on a crack pipe, would bring down the biggest criminal Cabal in human history? The combined EMPIRICAL evidence of these...

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IGP3 00071 — 42USC §230 Must Be Repealed 0    0

If freedom of speech is not restored, the only option we have is to fall on the Second Amendment. They'll sit up and notice THEN, won't they? *** #CLASS_ACTION Vs Big Tech *** See video: https:...

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IGP3 00070 — Techno-Nazis going Full Monte Pravda 0    0

47 U.S.C. §230 is about to be repealed according to a tweet by POTUS. This is the Death Knell for the Techno-Nazis, because once that protection is stripped away, every swingin' dick on God's green E...

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IGP3 00069 Rudy on Cr33py Jo3 U-Crane and Chy-nahh Repost 0    0

This video is re-posted as a Public Service Published on Oct 14, 2020 In this special edition of Common Sense, Rudy Giuliani discusses the emails obtained from Hunter Biden’s hard drive which ...

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IGP3 00068 — Osama to Biden to 9-11 to JFK 0    0

Apparently, nobody is approaching the Mega-bomb drop yesterday of the Biden corruption from this angle, so I will. See my video IGP3 00066 https://youtu.be/9KuKIgJiK2o See also: https://youtu.be...

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IGP3 00067 — Treason and Murder OBL and Seal Team Six 0    0

Mega-Nuke drop will eventually see a former {fake} US President, Vice-President, and Secretary of State executed for Treason. See my video IGP3 00066 https://youtu.be/9KuKIgJiK2o See videos ...

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IGP3 00066 — I told you about Benghazi November 2016 0    0

In a video dated November 2016, I exposed Benghazi using a ocal newspaper published where I used to live in NJ. It turns out that the Billions in cash set to Iran was payment by Obama for Iran to ...

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IGP3 00065 — GNN The Gitmo News Network 0    0

Gitmo just accepted a bid for a new Studio Broadcast system. Do you think that a NEW Cable Channel is about to be created? Adrenochrome Factories https://youtu.be/sV3CX2o6vQc *** #CLASS_ACTION V...

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Premiered Sep 16, 2020 Updated Oct 12, 2020 LINKS TO PATRIOT CHANNELS PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO ALL TOOLS NEEDED to DOWNLOAD, EDIT, and CLONE YouTube Downloader Downloader for Android Search and ...

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IGP3 00063 — Operation Not Forgotten 36 Kids Rescued 0    0

The Bleachbit® documents from the Kevlar Küünt's server have been recovered. We will soon see how "wedding plans and yoga lessons" fit into the scheme of Satanic R...

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IGP3 00062 — The 14,000 Pound Invisible Elephant 0    0

What is it that we're missing? Why is nobody observant enough to realize this? Everything you know, or THINK you know, is BULLSHIT. My previous video https://youtu.be/Dq1HDd_1JEs *** #CLASS_A...

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IGP3 00061 — This video might get us 187'd 0    0

The document released here was discovered by an "Auto-bot" program that operates on the TOR Network, searching for non-indexed pages on the Dark Web. If you are sensi...

Inglorious-patr... 178 views

IGP3 00060 — POTUS Calls for Bid3n O'Bumm3r 2B Indicted 0    0

Trump is not playing games anymore See FOX interview https://youtu.be/vojJOU3GClg See X22 Report https://youtu.be/uZ_cbi15ZvU *** #CLASS_ACTION Vs Big Tech *** See video: https://www.bitc...

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IGP3 00059 — POTUS Calls for REPEAL of CDA Section 42USC s... 0    0

TOLD YA! Social Media CEOs get ready to be taken to the woodshed. Forbes article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jackbrewster/2020/09/08/trump-points-to-anecdotal-evidence-of-big-tech-bias-as-he-...

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IGP3 00058 — Call from Sean - Plymouth Fury 0    0

My good friend from Canada called me the other day. I re-post his post of our conversation. The opening is hilarious. Subscribe to Plymouth Fury https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl9-agxWkVhZ_p2GTh...

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IGP3 00057 — DECLAS inyerr Azz 0    0

POTUS releases DECLAS on the Coup attempt with NO REDACTIONS. I Told you SHTF on October 2. Watch the turdballs flush themselves now. See X22 Report https://youtu.be/07Jg64iPARU https://youtu.be/...

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IGP3 00056 — Hey Fr3do.... don't cross my path 0    0

Fr3do pissed me off. He better not show up here, unless he wants to end up in a den of rattlesnakes. See concurring opinions https://youtu.be/GE241EjZ6CY https://youtu.be/dm_iDMxH52E *** CLASS...

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IGP3 00055 — Going D-Live Get ready for UNLIMITED TRUTH 0    0

I am {reluctantly} going to do what I haven't done in a long time... go livestream. I like to edit my stuff so I don't waste anybody's time, and get the message across. Live-streaming seems to be the ...

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IGP3 Dinesh D'Souza - Hillary's America 0    0

Dinesh D'Souza just released his new movie "Hillary's America": https://youtu.be/IaKkhkp3zI4 The #1 New York Times bestseller / blockbuster feature film Hillary's...

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IGP3 00052 — 800 Earthquakes in California WTF 0    0

Over 800 Earthquakes in California is unheard-of. There is something more to this which has to be explained. The MSM is too busy concocting the NEXT bullshit story than waste their time on things that...

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