The Walking Dead: Season 7 Trailer *Live* Reaction/Review Featured


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The Walking Dead: Season 7 Comic Con 2016 Official Trailer Reaction I apologize for the late upload, this took a while as it was my first ever reaction video, I did watch it less than a minute after it was released, and recorded it then too. Will work on making the video better and better each time! **CAUTION HEAD PHONE USERS I YELL** I TRIED TO LOWER THE VOLUME AS MUCH AS I COULD. WOW!!! That Trailer was INCREDIBLE!!! I apologize if this is not the best quality, it is my first reaction video, hope you enjoy it though! If you enjoyed the Trailer as well, or my first reaction video, SMASH that like button, and subscribe to be notified when I upload again! I am so hyped for this upcoming season. If you would like to see any predictions videos, reviews, discussions etc. let me know in the comment section down below! Also, let me know YOUR thoughts down below! Any questions you may have, or predictions. I would love to read them! The Walking Dead: Season 7 Comic-Con Official Trailer ►My Social Media-Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & Instagram

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