Sovereign Citizen - Failed and Jailed #17


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Sovereign Citizens Failed and Jailed 17.

This episodes highlights some of the "house robberies" committed by sovcits.

They've killed, they've wasted time, they've put innocent children at risk, they put countless officers at risk, they waste resources and they even try to steal other people's homes with fake paperwork.

This episode highlights the Moorish Americans who try to steal houses from innocent people, as well as a couple of clips during traffic stops for good measure.

What if this happened to you? Leave a comment down below and say what you would do.

Please study the actions of these individuals carefully, consider their ideology dangerous, and think critically.

I have hand selected and picked the videos and this compliation to better represent the overall message of the Sovereign citizen / Moorish American movement.

I have added in my own personal touch by choosing clips that go hand in hand to explain the overall message more clearly, along with backstories, and an active and engaging comment section to answer any questions the viewer may have.

I have put the videos together myself, edited them myself, and provided some unique perspective into the sovereign citizen movement as a whole to outline their impact on society.
Please think critically.



All permissions have been granted and no outstanding claims are against me for creating this video.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact my business email under my contact information
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