Sovereign Citizen - Failed and Jailed #12


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Sovereign Citizens are becoming one of the top concerns for law enforcement and the FBI. Welcome to Failed and Jailed 12.

This episode includes a traffic stop where the driver refuses a search after a k9 alerted on his vehicle, a brief news report covering the ideology behind their belief system, an encounter with a driver who refuses to exit his vehicle, and more.

Please remember that these clips contain people with false rhetoric, who often endanger themselves, the officers involved, and especially any children present who are subject to the ideology.

Do not try this, but rather prepare yourself by learning from these people's mistakes.

I have added in my own personal touch by choosing clips that go hand in hand to explain the overall message more clearly, along with backstories, and an active and engaging comment section to answer any questions the viewer may have.

I have put the videos together myself, edited them myself, and provided some unique perspective into the sovereign citizen movement as a whole to outline their impact on society.


Do NOT be Moorish.
You will get owned.


All permissions have been granted and no outstanding claims are against me for creating this video.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact my business email under my contact information
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