[VCDRIP] E3 2000 实况报道


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Picked up by Castaway and bmastertoronto. I'm not sure of much else on the origin, and I probably didn't get the title correct. It is possible it is the same company behind the s-team VCD from before but I am having difficulty with that on the research end.

This is the highlight of this VCD - a nice recording of several pieces of E3 2000. Lots of late Dreamcast and early PS2 things! Onimusha, Ridge Racer 5, ZOE, Jet Set Radio, Dynasty Warriors, and others.

The VCD also had game trailers from around the time in what I presume to be optimal VCD quality, including the infamous MGS2 one. But I omitted them from this upload to focus on the cam-recorded stuff.

Published 4 years ago

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