[PICO] Pocahontas (Tectoy Version) (Brazil)


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This is the Tectoy version of Pocahontas made for Brazil. It's not much different from whatever version you're expecting outside of a couple lines of text, but I wanted to record the Tectoy one to leave another reminder of just how international the Pico was.

I think "Pocahontas" is one of the best examples to look at when you want to define what's "different" between the style of western-developed Pico games and Japanese ones. Everything one would like about the western ones, and everything one would hate about the western ones, are all accentuated in this particular Pico game more than the others I can immediately think of. This is especially apparent in the Columns clone this game has... which I think deserves it's own "Sega Fail" video henceforth for expecting a kid to deal with that.. Jeez, what the heck were they thinking not letting that have a definite end?

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