[Gamecube] ミッキーマウスの不思議な鏡 (月刊任天堂店頭デモ 2002/7/1) | Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse Demo


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A demo of Capcom and Disney's point-and-click adventure game for Gamecube.

There's an emulator bug that causes some character models to appear as solid white models a bit off to the left of center of the screen.

There's 2 pre-set save files and a "New Game" to allow exploration of various game elements within the 10-minute time limit. For this upload I show examples of all three.

If you extract the .tga from this you can play further into these demos for a bit, although eventually you will find locked doors that simply will not open and items that will not work as intended.

Thanks for watching! As with all YouTube channels, likes, subscriptions and comments are welcome - but I presume that is to be expected, yes?

Published 4 years ago

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