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YTP: Robotnik's Curiosity For Cephalopod Children (save the ... 0    0

A Youtube Poop with annotations by BlastingBees which identify Songs featured. URL: YouTube is telling me to tell people to join and become a member fo...

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[KAITO, Gakupo] 554 Boo*s are Man's Romance 554 english su... 0    0

I swear everywhere I look for Vocaloid Songs there's something lewd... :P This one has annotations from blacksaingrain, whom I just recently managed to grba most the content of. URL: https://www.yo...

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Dreamcast Sega Smash Pack Sonic 3 Proto music rip - Competit... 0    0

Here, have another one of these. Competition menu is probably one of the lesser-affected Songs. As such, it still sounds fairly decent in the Sega Smash Pack for Dreamcast conversion. YouTube is...

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Dreamcast Sega Smash Pack Sonic 3 Proto music rip - Launch B... 0    0

So this particular iteration of Launch Base 2 probably turned out the best among the Sonic 3 proto Songs run through the Dreamcast Sega Smash Pack. Which isn't particularly saying much, but hey! I ...

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kukun kun kut - Nintendo blows budget on a BS Tantei Club ad 0    0

Clipped from the BS Nichibutsu Mahjong videos, because I'm the only one crazy enough to watch that while being clueless about Mahjong. This BS Tantei Club baffles me. Why? Because the background so...

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[SEGA CHANNEL] Sega Channel Sample Song Demo ROM (SAMPSONG.B... 0    0

A peculiar ROM from the Sega Channel disc. This has a selection of 10 Songs select-able from a menu, and a slightly glitched looking version of the July month graphic set.

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SNES Bootleg Pokemon Stadium music rip - Lizad 0    0

Don't ask why I'd think to name the Songs after the misspellings of the characters... it just seemed like they went together. So, Gravity Beetle from X3? Why didn't they just take the song from the...

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[プレイステーション] Stolen Song (Hyper Playstatio... 0    0

A demo of the rhythm game named after the hit Japanese single, from Hyper Playstation Re-Mix. It lets you play just a brief snippet of the game's title track before booting you out. It also lets yo...

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[プレイステーション] Stolen Song (Dengeki Playstat... 0    0

A different demo of "Stolen Song". Unlike the Hyper Playstation Re-Mix version, this lets you play the entirety of the game's title track. the Vs. mode, meanwhile,...

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kukun kun kut - BS Spriggan Powered Music 554 Upper Atmosph... 0    0

So one of the BS Spriggan Powered recordings have done us a favor and made a nice, clean rip of one of the Songs that goes for nearly 7 minutes! This song plays through Episode 2, which has stage 2...

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some BS-X soundfont experiments 0    0

So this time I tried seeing how BS-X soundfont would blend with some other Songs. Super Nintendo GM unofficial fills in missing instruments. MIDIs us...

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Sega Channel Music Rip - Song 8 (SAMPSONG.BIN) 0    0

If these Songs can be found elsewhere in the documentation of the Sega Channel disk contents, maybe info on the authors and intended use could be found. But it doesn't seem like such was unearthed yet...

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Sega Channel Music Rip - Song 6 (SAMPSONG.BIN) 0    0

From what I can tell, none of these Songs in this ROM were used in the 1995 Sega Channel menu demos. Perhaps they were intended for 1996? We need 1996 logs...!

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