kukun kun kut - Nintendo blows budget on a BS Tantei Club ad


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Clipped from the BS Nichibutsu Mahjong videos, because I'm the only one crazy enough to watch that while being clueless about Mahjong.

This BS Tantei Club baffles me. Why? Because the background song, from what I can tell, is all new. I can't find it in a previous album. It didn't play in the BS Tantei Club broadcast. And while it has some synthy parts, there's also a neat guitar riff so it may not be 100% synth. It's like... why? Why would Nintendo make a whole, new, original piece of music and use it only in advertising? For an IP as low down their totem pole as Famicom Tantei Club, of all things? None of the BS Zeldas or BS Marios got comparable treatment.

Anyway, adding this to my list of songs I want to see reconstructed, since it's highly probable the master audio is a goner.

BSニチブツマージャン 第1週

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