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kukun kun kut - Satellaview at Space World 95 0    0

And over here, we have a set of Satellaview previews! It includes SD Gundam G-Next, Derby Stallion 96, RPG Tsukuru 2 and SameGame - four of the 8M-compatible SFC retail carts. It seems Undake30 SameG...

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sm12896873 - サテラビュー対応ソフト 「鮫亀(Sam... 0    0

Original NND URL: This preview shows both the SFC Retail "SameGame" and "UNDAKE30 Same Game Daisakisen&a...

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[プレイステーション] Break Thru! (DemoDemo Playsta... 0    0

A demo of the SameGame-like puzzle game by Spectrum HoloByte Inc. and Zoo Coporation. Just a single stage. And a few powerups, I think?

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Same Game Koma Editor 4 | 鮫亀駒エディタ4 / さめが... 1    0

"Same Game Koma Editor 4" was put up for download on Satellablog on 7/9/2010:

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Same Game Mario Version | UNDAKE30鮫亀大作戦マリオ�... 1    0

Coming soon to Satellablog! I don't exactly know where the previous ROM dump of "Undake30 SameGame" came from. This, however, is rig...

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