Same Game Koma Editor 4 | 鮫亀駒エディタ4 / さめがめコマエディター (Satellaview) - Satellablog ROM dump archive


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"Same Game Koma Editor 4" was put up for download on Satellablog on 7/9/2010:

However, during that time, we had no idea how to get it to work. It wasn't until recently that redeemer665 managed to figure out how to fix the rom enough for it to boot in the sx2 line of emulators. Now, we can finally have a look at it... and now, we kind of have a surprise!

The "Koma Editor" is a character editor for the Super Famicom version of "Same Game" which stores your creations in the very 8M it's on! Thankfully, there is already a well-crafted chicken to show as an example of how it works, because I sure as heck can't draw myself.

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