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Sega Pico Music - Honey Flash | ハニーフラッシュ (Cu... 0    0

You know, this may be baffling to realize, but... Cutey Honey's the reason I started looking into Japanese Sega Pico games in the first place. Yes, I am a totally shameless pervert.

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[PICO] 里中満智子のたのしいおりがみ | 554 Sat... 1    0

Support Team-Europe! All Origami, all the time. Surprisingly good graphics when I pay close attention to those character animations.

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[PICO] A look at 554 Musical Zoo 554 Localization Prototyp... 1    0

Once again digging into Hidden-Palace's proto hall, this video shows the following set of prototypes (As named in TOSEC): Musical Zoo Rev 19941220 Musical Zoo Rev 19950104 Musical Zoo Rev 19950...

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[PICO] クレヨンしんちゃんの おえかきノート ... 1    0

Support Team-Europe! Contains minigames that are HELL to play without proper storyware support. Also, since this subverts some prior expectations from other Seg...

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[PICO] ディズニープリンセス プリンセスに�... 1    0

Balh blah, the usual. Typical glitchy emulation. I find it amusing that Belle is paired with the Beast's... well, beast form.

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[PICO] スヌーピーのがくげいかい | 554 Snoopy no... 1    0

Support Team-Europe! I was feeling sick when I recorded this, so that one last minigame was realyl geting to me. Sorry for not recording the win condition. I'm pre...

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[PICO] ピーターパン ネバーランドへ いこう | ... 1    0

Yet more Japan-exclusive Disney fare. This Pico game follows the narrative of the Peter Pan movie. It's kinda got a small amount of minigames in comparison to the norm, but at least one of them is ...

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[PICO] おジャ魔女どれみ # | 554 Ojamajo Doremi 55... 1    0

Support Team-Europe! This game has a lot of lag in Picodrive, for some reason, on top of the usual issues. It drags the video out a bit longer than intended...

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[PICO] しまじろうと ゆめのくにへ だいぼうけ... 1    0

For "Tanoshii Ichi Nichi", click here! Support Team-Europe! Recorded in PicoDrive...

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[PICO] プーさんの はじめてのえいご | 554 Pooh-... 1    0

More Japanese Disney, more Japanese Winnie the Pooh, but now meant to be an English-teaching tool! ... Not much else to say here.

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[PICO] ドラえもん のびたのまちなか ドキドキ... 1    0

Support Team-Europe! Since Doraemon's getting localized in the US, I figured I'd try playing some of the Sega Pico games to... I dunno? Cash in? :3 This one is ...

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