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sm12732271 - HAL研究所のMSX 0    0

Original NicoNIco URL:

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sm4736197 - スーパーマリオワールド ガイドビ�... 0    0

original NND URL: A fairly long video of edited Super Mario World gameplay with occasional Engrish commentary.

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BRLRLy Hatcher and the Sonic Boom 0    0

I made this entirely because people compared the Sonic Boom drowning voices to chicken clucks. The bounce pad voice samples were pulled from brutalmoose's Sonic Boom review here: https://www.youtu...

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BS Zelda AST MSU1 Project Audio Edit - Toy Music Zelda (BSZ ... 0    0

Since I did some fairly intense MSU1 audio editing at times (Well, intense by my lazy standards, anyway) I figured I'd post some standalone versions of it to YouTube. This is a snippet from that &a...

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