Where Is All The Ammo?


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It’s no secret that handgun, shotgun and rifle ammo has been hard to find since about the middle of 2020. While some conspiracy theorists may believe this is a left-wing, deep state plot to keep ammunition out of our guns, that’s highly unlikely. The philosophy of “Occam’s Razor” basically states that all things being equal, the most simple solution is usually the correct one. And while there are several factors wrapped up in the current scarcity of ammo in retail stores, it is merely a compound effect and not some nefarious scheme.

In this short informational video, U.S. Concealed Carry Association Director of Content Kevin Michalowski describes several variables contributing to the current ammo shortage. The good news is that ammunition manufacturers around the globe are working 24-hour shifts to resupply store shelves near you.

00:00 There is no evidence that the current ammo shortage is caused by some sort of deep state conspiracy.
01:09 So what is actually going on? Why is the U.S. still experiencing an ammo shortage?
01:37 The COVID-19 pandemic and associated safety protocols have impacted the manufacturing and distribution of ammo.
02:14 The civil unrest of 2020 increased demand for ammo as millions of Americans, many of them first-time gun owners, prepared to defend themselves and their homes.
02:54 The 2020 Presidential election raised the spectre of increased firearm and ammo restrictions, causing Americans to stockpile more guns and ammo while they could.
03:36 The USCCA recently toured a SIG Sauer ammunition manufacturing plant that is working around the clock to produce millions of rounds of ammo a day. We have likewise received assurances that other manufacturers around the world are doing the same.
04:07 American ammunition companies are doing their best to ensure gun retailers of all sizes, from big box stores to mom-and-pop gun shops, receive product for their shelves.
04:25 International supply lines and other logistical hurdles are standing in the way of rapid expansion of ammunition production. Adding more ammo press machinery is not as easy as it sounds.

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