Turning off the timer in 554 The House of the Dead Taikenban 554 in Kronos


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So I wanted to try a "House of the Dead Taikenban" recording, but didn't want to make a redundant one, so I figured for this one I'd try seeing what happens if I shut the timer off and let the game run as far through as it can.

The PAR code I needed to do this was here, under the "Japanese Beta Version" section":

While people have previously told me you could theoretically play the entire game if you just shut the timer off, my game ended with a softlock after the first stage, freezing on a surprise reappearance of the first stage's title card. I'm going to assume this was intentionally done so that a would-be hacker would not get full game access just from a timer crack, though it is possible it is a Kronos bug. Either way, there seems to be quite a few game bugs that occur once you reach points that are "obviously past the point where the timer would have expired", suggesting this build to be pretty early with the early parts intentionally polished up for the demo.

Published 4 years ago

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