Trump votes crushed cheating system; Shocking Frankfurt server raw data to be leaked | Eye Opener


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Brian Trascher told NEWSMAX in a Nov. 18 interview that the Trump team has recovered raw data from Dominion Voting servers seized in Germany. He said the data will be made public, including information about U.S. election servers, why they were overseas, how ballots were converted from one candidate to another and how such a massive, all-American cheating system worked.

In the afternoon of November 19, Trump's legal team held a press conference at Capitol Hill. During the Q&A at the conference, a reporter asked Trump's attorney, Sidney Powell, a question.

Q: “It has been said that U.S. election data is being transferred overseas for processing. There were reports that a piece of hardware possibly a server was picked up in Germany. Is that true and is it related to this”?

Apparently, as the Trump White House continues to govern, Trump has also experienced hostility from people within the administration, and this continued to happen over the past four years. For example, during a recent internal meeting, when Trump simply mentioned the possible option to bombard Iran's nuclear facilities, as Iran’s uranium stockpile for its nuclear program has exceeded the prescribed limit by a factor of 12. It was leaked to the New York Times by unknown sources inside the Pentagon.

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