The Walking Dead - Season 9 Episode 6 (9x6) - Who Are You Now - REACTION


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The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 6 "Who Are You Now" Reaction The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 6 "Who Are You Now" Reaction The Walking Dead 9x6 Who Are You Now Reaction The Walking Dead 9X6 "Who Are You Now" Reaction

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With Andrew Lincoln leaving The Walking Dead after this episode, it was important to not only cherish every episode we have had with him but also appreciate all of the hard work he has put into this show over the last 8-9 years.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, one of the best of this season. I am really excited to see where these new characters take us. They are VERY reminiscent of Rick and the gang when they first arrived to Alexandria. That is one of the main reasons I was as critical of Michonne as I was. I get that she has to be cautious, but if she didn't see the resemblance between Magna's group and their own when they first arrived there, that just seems like an oversight or potentially weak writing. That being said, the Father Gabriel & Rosita is completely out of no where. If they are happy together then I don't really mind it that much, but I do not ship it at all. I would much rather Eugene & Rosita be together because of the history they have together and their comic background. Lastly, I am extremely excited for the Whisperers and how they bring them on screen considering how much into the horror aspect of the show they're diving back into!
If this first half is any indication as to what this season and the rest of this series will be with Angela Kang behind it, there's definitely hope that this will be an incredible season! Let me know your thoughts on the episode down below!

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