The Walking Dead- S7E03 Season 7 Episode 3(7x3) - The Cell - Reaction EASY STREET Featured


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This week I am reacting to: The Walking Dead: 7x3 "The Cell". This week we found out what Negan and the Saviors' Compound is like, where Daryl is, and what the Dynamic is within the Saviors' group. If you want my after thoughts on the episode in a separate video, let me know down below! If you enjoyed my reaction leave a like, share and favorite too! It really helps the channel grow! What were your thoughts on Negan's compound, "The Sanctuary"? Do you think Daryl will ever break? If so, what would it take to break him? If you have an questions about the episode or The Walking Dead in general let me know in the comments down below as well. ►My Social Media-Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & Instagram

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