The Ugliest Ms. Pac-Man Proto (Williams SNES Prototype)


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A Ms. Pac-Man prototype for the Super Nintendo obtained by Revenant, set to be uploaded to TCRF.

Some notes:

1) OH DEAR HEAVENS THAT TITLE SCREEN. Is that what she looks like without her makeup? No wonder the ghosts are terrified of her!

2) All the ingame sprites are loaded first, and then the title screen graphics are loaded and the bottom part of the title image wipes out most of ms. pac's sprites. This error corrects itself only during the attract mode. If you press start before attract mode plays, you basically just play as garbled bits of copyright text, and need to hard reset to fix it (Soft reset seems to lock the game.)

3) Also, the ghosts ignore the walls in the attract demo. This does not seem to affect gameplay.

4) 2-player Competitive is buggy, as is demonstrated in this video. Ms. Pac-Man can make Pac-Man vanish and Pac-Man can make Ms. Pac-Man do a Pac-Moonwalk!

5) In either 2-player mode, a game over can cause text glitches, leading to lines such as "GAREADY !R"

6) Cutscenes after level 7 are not implemented.

7) Some levels do not seem to be clearable, as "Strange" Level 4 demonstrates.
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