Tales Of Symphonia Baby Dragon, Winged Dragon Downed to 1% Health


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Tales Of Symphonia

Baby Dragon x2
Winged Dragon

Alright so 1% health and I win

You will not believe it until see it.

I was not even close to being leveled up for this fight.
Check it out at 2:10-2:18 somewhere around there. I get Knocked down and my health goes all the way down to 1% and The second I stand up I revive another ally and then get the rest of them back up and recover from it. I thought it was finished at that moment.

For now I am just posting the videos up that I have collected throughout the game. I am going to try to post a review/guide on my website soon this is just one of the starting points.

If you are interested in the game and want to learn more about it follow me through the fun adventure of this game.

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