Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - What If Spyro Was Announced - (Fan-Made Trailer)


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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - What If Spyro & Sparx Was Announced - (Fan-Made Trailer) Possible DLC fighter?

Skin is created by MrMarco1003

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Spyro Reignited Trilogy Sorceress Lair
Spyro Dawn of the Dragon - Burned Land

Spyro the Dragon is the main protagonist and titular character of the Spyro the Dragon series and a former mascot for the Sony PlayStation. This iteration is the most prolific, having starred in 10 games (11 if one counts the Reignited Trilogy, and 13 if one counts it as three separate games), with one prominent featuring role and a couple of cameos in Crash Bandicoot games.
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