Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - All Dragon Quest Hero Use Their Final Smash


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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - All Dragon Quest Hero from Eight (VIII), Eleven (XI), Solo (DQ IV), and Aursu (DQ III) Use Their Final Smash. All four Heros have a different voice actor. The Hero uses final smash on Link, Toon Link, Dark Link, and Young Link

Gigaslash is the Final Smash for the Hero! s\Slashes upwards, before the remaining non-playable Dragon Quest Heroes (in order of appearance, the Heroes from II, V, VI, VII, X, IX, and I) appear, and gather their weapons together, shooting energy upwards into the air, with the energy charging the playable Hero's sword, who then attacks with an outwards slash. Gigaslash is a powerful, recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series, first seen in Dragon Quest V. Despite its name suggesting a physical attack, the move is a magical attack; it deals immense Zap damage on a single group of enemies. The heroes summoning lightning also resembles Kazapple, a magic spell that draws MP from the entire party to activate.

Eight - Yūki Kaji

Solo - Takeshi Kusao

Arusu - Nobuyuki Hiyama

Eleven - Mitsuki Saiga

Dragon Quest XI S the Definitive version comes out on September 2019
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