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A few years ago I spoke in front of the Dayton Municipal courthouse regarding the manipulative way area courts use misdemeanor status to avoid recognizing the due process rights of accused men facing serious penalty. This was my first public speech. It's not something I would normally choose to do, but the subject and the case were important enough to ignore the nervousness (and lack of chances to practice the speech I wrote) and do it anyway. In the end, I'm glad I did. you can't see it in the video, but people walking by stopped to listen. That was very encouraging. The text of the speech is posted on my blog here. http://breakingtheglasses.blogspot.com/2014/01/on-due-process-and-sex-crime-allegations.html#.UtzUCvso4sY To see more of Shawn Sutherland's work, visit his youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/bladerunner983/videos

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