Sovereign Citizen - Failed and Jailed #10


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Sovereign Citizens Failed and Jailed 10!

A compilation of sovtards, AKA sovereign citizens.

This one features a sovereign citizen who records himself getting chased by the police, a quickie of a sovtard getting shot for reaching for the officer's gun, and a woman who refuses to comply after being pulled over.

Please watch carefully and learn from the mistakes that these people are making. There are children present in many of these clips, and it needs to come to light how dangerous this behavior is, not only for the people and officers involved, but for the children most importantly.

A special thanks to 12 for reaching out.

I have added in my own personal touch by choosing clips that go hand in hand to explain the overall message more clearly, along with backstories, and an active and engaging comment section to answer any questions the viewer may have.

I have put the videos together myself, edited them myself, and provided some unique perspective into the sovereign citizen movement as a whole to outline their impact on society.

Information on clip #3:

It began with a stray dog.

Robert Earl Lawrence said he found the dog wandering a Wal-Mart parking lot in Dothan in south Alabama. He put the canine in his car with his girlfriend and their three small children, each child under the age of 10. The family drove to the Dothan Animal Shelter.

There Lawrence was asked for his driver's license, he declined to show it. City employees said they couldn't accept a stray dog if he didn't show a license. He said they didn't have the right to require a license. He said he'd drop the dog elsewhere. They said he couldn't leave if he was going to dump the dog. He was stuck, grew agitated, walked outside. 

A Dothan police officer stationed at the shelter followed him to his car and wouldn't let him leave without producing a license. A couple months earlier, according to his cousin, Lawrence had begun to read about sovereign citizens, an anti-government movement that often includes, among other things, complicated arguments against the constitutionality of driver's licenses. In short, Lawrence was ready to argue. 

About eight minutes before he would be shot, Lawrence can be heard telling his girlfriend in the front seat to record on her cellphone: "This will be good," he said. 

Eight minutes later Sgt. Adrianne Woodruff reached her arm through a melee, between the arms of two officers tugging at Lawrence, to press the barrel of her service weapon into in his gut and, without warning or utterance, pull the trigger.


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