SMW MSU1 Patch WIP 3 - Bowser now 20% more epic


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Con managed to enable MSU1 for "SFX" tracks. This is the result.

It took a real solid amount of fine-tuning on the PCMs to get everything here to sound mostly right.
If you're wondering how I got the "voice" effects in, it shouldn't really be a secret - they're mixed into PCMs of what would otherwise just be the SPC track. They're from Super Mario 64 (for Bowser) and Super Mario Galaxy 2 (for Peach) respectively. The goofy way Super Mario World handled it's SPC code ended up working to a benefit for once, huh?

Two possible ways I could theoretically improve this;
1) A better Peach Rescue track
2) Figure out how to make the variants of Bowser's song not feel like they abruptly "cold cut" in, so to speak. This probably isn't gonna happen, though.
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