sm9596608 + sm9708900 - タイトー『CITY DIVERシティダイバー』PV


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Oriignal NND URL:

... It seems that for some reason there isn't actually much info on Taito's "City Diver", huh...? Well, I found this video anyway...

EDIT: More info thanks to Lost Levels!

A translation of the NicoNicoDouga description:
"From a promotional video I received as a gift. Canceled arcade game from Taito in 1995. I played this when it was out for a location test in Shibuya. It was a helicopter flying game similar to "Air Inferno", with a singleplayer "Mission mode" and a 2-player "battle mode" that used two linked cabinets. I think after it was canceled it got turned into one of those CG movie games used by the Taito IDYA. "

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