Skyrim Cicero Delayed Burial Featured


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Skyrim Cicero Delayed Burial. Skyrim killing Cicero skyrim kill cicero or not Cicero Quest skyrim Cicero dancing skyrim cicero location skyrim cicero follower skyrim cicero betrayal. cicero dance A rare encounter with the dark brotherhoods assassin and follower Cicero involving a side quest with all dialin which you can either aid or betray Cicero as he attempts to transport the "night mother" to the new dark brotherhood sanctuary. Upon his travel his wagons wheel breaks and he finds himself stranded outside Loreius farm and the farmer refusing to help the crazy jester. I have played Skyrim multiple times through and this is my first encounter with this particular side quest and I find it quite amusing as it acts as a prologue to the dark brotherhood quest-line. Skyrim Delayed Burial

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