Secret of Mana - Nintendo Power Previews #7


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If you liked this feel free to give the original Laserdisc ripper your support. His YouTube is here, and you can watch the entire unedited disc here:

I've been following these for some time, and am actually bummed out it doesn't get more attention! Maybe I can help there by showing some things from them. This way, one doesn't necessarily have to watch the entire videos to find certain parts or deal with the amount of repeat and redundant footage.

This is one of those videos that makes me wonder how certain terms were meant to be pronounced. I always thought Flammie was meant to be like "Fluh me" rather than "Flame e", especially considering that he doesn't seem particularly fire elemental. But of course, these are the same videos that got us "ZEEBS" and "SERAHSLAND".

Published 2 years ago

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