Rod Strickland (Most Underrated Point Guard in NBA History By Far) NBA Legends


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Rod Strickland was arguably the most underrated player ever one of my favorite players of All Time (3rd Behind Bird and Mike) I could talk for days how he was just getting super busy (Killing Dudes) his stats, mad all-star snubs ect but i'ma keep it simple...There was few PG's that don't get they're just dues like K.J, D.J, Mark Price, Andre Miller but IMO Rod Strickland just had what Bird, Kobe and Mike made famous "Killer Instinct" he was just way more skilled by far Rod comes from a Basketball background so he was destined for Greatness but worked hard as did Kyrie, I felt like I had to make another vid on him there's not a lot of footage on him but I felt the first one I didn't pay full homage I grew up of him yo he was nice!...Rod is that guy he's a staple in NYC Basketball and culture specially in The South Boogie this dude is Legend!!!
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