Overwatch Strong Ana Gameplay On Defence( MUST WATCH ) Featured


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Im Element I make vids And Stream Battle Royale And F.P.S. and Hero Shooters games new and old looking for a active fan base my monitor 28 in acer gaming 1 ms response time 75herts and 1920 by1080 my tower Phanteks motherboard Z170 pro gaming water cooled cpu Corsair H100 processori5 7600k @ 3.7 memory 16GB DDR4 Ram @2400 MHz And A cl 15 Rating Graphic Card NVidia Zotac GTX 1060 6gb GDDR5 ram Logitech 60 fps 1080 p /C922 pro stream webcam Storage HDD 1TB and two 250 gb ssd keyboard and mouse Tt esports By Thermaltake Mic Blue Snowball (black ice) Head Set Logitech G230

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