Open Carry Controversy - Who is in the wrong?


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Hey guys, hope you guys enjoy this video.

This upload was really more about reaching out and thanking everybody that has given me support thus far. I appreciate each and everyone of you guys, because I know it isn't easy to support a new creator. There's so much potential and so much that we can accomplish oh, and I cannot do it without you guys. Thanks again!

Please watch carefully and learn from the mistakes that these people are making. There are children present in many of these clips, and it needs to come to light how dangerous this behavior is, not only for the people and officers involved, but for the children most importantly.

What do you think? Do you think the cops are in the wrong here?

This one may not behave as a sovereign citizen does, but in this situation he sure does act like a sovtard.

See comment section for more information as there is a lot of input from the community.

I am not the original creator of these videos, but I have added in my own personal touch by choosing clips that go hand in hand to explain the overall message more clearly, along with backstories, and an active and engaging comment section to answer any questions the viewer may have.

This video highlights the more important issue here: Gun control controversy.

Was Grisham in the right?
Were the cops overstepping their boundaries?

Please comment below and share your thoughts.

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