Music Comparison - Daioh (ARC) vs. Dezaemon (SFC) vs. Dezaemon Plus (PS1)


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I'm not entirely sure if anyone's noticed the similarities between some tracks in the BGM Editor for Dezaemon and the ones in the arcade game version of "Daioh", but if not, well, maybe this'll be a learning experience!

Chronological order;
00:00 Daioh Arcade Stage 1, 02:25 SFC Dezaemon version, 04:17 Dezaemon Plus version
06:05 Daioh Arcade Stage 2, 08:06 SFC Dezaemon version, 09:32 Dezaemon Plus version
10:55 Daioh Arcade Stage 3, 13:52 SFC Dezaemon version, 14:55 Dezaemon Plus version
16:00 Daioh Arcade Stage 7, 18:17 SFC Dezaemon version, 19:21 Dezaemon Plus version
(Last five minutes is just overtime. Durr.)

Most of the audio was ripped from other Youtube uploads so it's not at all the best quality - hopefully a good reference regardless.
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