Metal Jack (USA Prototype) SNES - Ken Striker playthrough


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Update March 1st: I'd like to add that the person who's released this prototype wants me to plug a new website! Check it out!

So, this previously-unreleased (in the US, anyhow) Super Nintendo game has been going around recently. For the sake of the people who don't want to have to go through this game to see it or to sort the differences between this and the Japanese version, I've recorded a play session here. Ken Striker, default (normal) difficulty setting.

The game, as you can tell from the videos going around, is ridiculously hard and at times feels luck-based. Good luck on the Nazi boss, should you dare get that far yourself.

Some differences between this and the Japanese version I spotted;
1) The locale of the game (and the map in the intro) was changed to California from Japan.
2) The intro is in English, of course.
3) The character names have all been changed.
4) The hot-blooded "JACK ON" audio snippets were changed to more monotone "Armor On" audio snippets. Probably the most disappointing change, if only because I find "JACK ON" to be hilarious.
5) "PLAYER DEAD" was changed to "PLAYER DEFEATED" when you lose a life.

The ROM will likely turn up in the No-Intro set sooner or later.

More info on Metal Jack (Well, the anime version, anyway!) is on Wikipedia:
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