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LoV: League Of Valhalla

Reborn in Glory

An MMORPG based in Norse mythology, League of Valhalla invites intrepid warriors to join forces with friends and take on Loki and his evil forces. Explore a vast fantasy world featuring beautiful 3D graphics and real-time action combat as you uncover the mysteries of the land. Experience intense multiplayer battles or simply enjoy a peaceful afternoon in the tavern—play the game the way you want!

The game is set in the human world, rebuilt after the once peaceful lands created by the Gods had been destroyed by the evil Loki. Led by Baldr, the God of Light, the tenacious humans are thriving once more—however, Loki and his dark forces have begun stirring in the shadows, and an all-out war is on the horizon. Dauntless warriors must pick up their weapons, rally against the evil forces, and defend their home. Welcome to the League of Valhalla—the fate of the world lies in your hands!

1. [Stunning Visuals and Open World Design]
See ancient Nordic-style structures and richly detailed environments presented in glorious 4K resolution. Trudge through howling tundras, wander across endless deserts, and venture deep into thick jungles where danger lurks at every corner. League of Valhalla delivers a full gaming experience on mobile devices through its beautiful 3D visuals, stunning special effects, and crisp controls.

2. [Exhilarating Massive Real-Time Battles]
Join huge 100 vs 100 battles where you can freely control viewing angles as you launch your merciless attacks. With breathtaking skill effects, intense battle modes and incredibly smooth controls, you’ll find excitement at every corner! Work with players of different classes and become the strongest alliance of them all!

3. [Real-Time PVP Combat]
Create and use your own unique skill combinations in 1v1 or 3v3 real-time battles. Work seamlessly with your team and allocate skills masterfully to win rich rewards!

4. [Classic PVE Challenges]
In this world of endless challenges, hunting bosses is the key to obtaining equipment, materials and resources which you need to level up and gain greater power. Brave the numerous dungeons in the game to test your skills and hunt for great treasures.

5. [Strategic Character and Skill Progression]
Want to build a character with a specific set of attributes, exactly the way you want it? Look no further. The unique perk allocation system and skill upgrade feature provide the tools to create unique characters according to your style. Max critical damage? High combat power? Tons of agility? Your choices matter and will be the key to success.

6. [Secondary Professions]
If fighting’s not your thing, you can also earn great rewards through activities like fishing, hunting and cooking. Tired of the real world? Come visit a quaint tavern and have a mug of ale with your friends! When you’re done, feel free to roam the world and discover more leisure activities.

7. [Trading System]
Don’t let your hard-earned equipment go to waste. The game’s trading system makes it incredibly easy to exchange extra equipment for something useful! Simply sell your unwanted equipment and buy whatever cool items you have your eyes on.

8. [Sophisticated Social and Group Features]
Join a party or a guild—or both! Become a trusted leader and build an army to conquer the battlefield. You’ll also be able to set customized titles for your members, reward your soldiers and make contributions to strengthen your army!

Credit to: Youzu (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

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