Livestream - Sega Beena Pokemon DP search game, Part 1: 554 Where's Wailmer? 554


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(NOTE: The log has mild audio desync for some reason.
From what I have checked, the logs on my Hitbox and Twitch streams do NOT have audio desync, so youmay prefer to watch on one of them.

Apologies for the issues. It may be related to using and as such I may have to contact them about it.)

The game featured here is:
ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド・パール ポケモンをさがせ!めいろでだいぼうけん!
(Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl Pokémon o Sagase! Meiro de Daibouken!)

English-translated title:
"Pokémon Diamond & Pearl:
Search for Pokémon! Adventure in the Maze!"

I decided to start playing this after Christmas. I was originally planning to do a short stream to check how the game plays before doing a no-commentary YouTube recording, but the game has a LOT of Pokemon to collect, and I ended up spending hours on page 1 alone!

I'll probably have to make my no-commentary recording just a post-caught-em overview of the general game done after this.

Part II will come ASAP.

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