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Digging a bit further back in the recordings of "Game Catalog 2", there's a long segment on Nintendo's Shoshinkai 1994 event.

Game Catalog 2 focused on these things;
1) The Super Famicom X-Men game by Capcom which would eventually be called "X-men: Mutant Apocalypse."
2) The game "Fighting Polygon", which you may know as the canceled "FX Fighter".
3) Derby Stallion III
4) Sim City 2000
5) The Virtual Boy - Demoed with a game called "Mario Bros. VB.", it's hard to tell whether this is an early version of "Mario Clash" or something very different based on how little is shown.
6) Tactics Ogre
7) Dragon Quest VI

ゲームカタログ2 1994年11月26日

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