kukun kun kut - (Not Quite) BS Super Mario 64


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So, alongside the Ihatovo stuff kukun kun was uploading episodes of Bakushow Mondai no Silicon Chounaikai.

In the 6/15/1996 episode, something amusing happens - they play Mario 64. And the accompanying magazine has N64 screenshots. It's a strange thing to behold - I feel like I'm watching the history of the "Let's Play" here. You can hear familiar Mario 64 noises from "Bob-Omb Battlefield", "Whomp's Fortress" and "Cool Cool Mountain" while the comedy team commentate over it. It's hard to tell how much of what they are saying corresponds to the gameplay, but it nevertheless is interesting.

LuigiBlood told me the Mario 64 screens in the magazine are prototype shots. I considered the notion that Bakushow Mondai may be in fact playing a Mario 64 proto, but I kinda doubt it - 6/15 is close enough to release that the game was perfectly able to break retail at places. It's more likely the magazine just used screens from a press kit, or was prepared long before the actual broadcast was set up.

This is giving me awkward flashbacks to that guy who once tried to convince me he found an actual Mario 64 beta in a 8M pack...

爆笑問題のシリコン町内会 1996年06月15日(土)

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