kukun kun kut - Mario goes to the movies (but not his own movie)


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So here's a bit closer to the original context of the Star Wars image, along with what else went with it.

This seemingly one-off moment in Yuuki Nae's program shows the Mario characters in movie parodies. Interestingly, the first one is for "Speed 2", a movie which was actually due in theatres 6 or so months after this broadcast. Luigi holding that bob-omb, I must say, looks rather terrifying. Amusingly, Mario and Peach are represented by Mario Kart 64 CG portrait sprites.
The second one is the "Star Wars" one I already brought up before. The third? Disney's 101 Dalmations, except now it's 101 Spotted Yoshi. The Yoshis in this picture look like quick edits of traditional stock Yoshi art, making Luigi's hand-drawn-ness stick out yet again.

裕木奈江のGE-MUの壺 1997年02月02日(日)

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