kukun kun kut - Jeff Hansen Takes On the Super Mario Club Championship


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Welp, kukun kun done it. He uploaded something NWC-related.

There's been some uploads of this match on YouTube before, but those prior ones were home recordings - this is how it broadcast on Japanese television.

Anyone who follows Nintendo World Championship, Nintendo Campus Challenge and Nintendo Powerfest should already know this story; Jeff Hansen, NWC champ, is up against Yuichi Suyama. The challenge matches Campus Challenge 1992 for SNES: 50 coins in Super Mario World, Mute City in F-Zero, and the Pilotwings Bonus game. The broadcast date is 10/08/1992.

Please watch the original for the full episode.

スーパーマリオクラブ スペシャル 1992年10月08日

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