kukun kun kut - BS Super Mario Collection Course Transition Compilation


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A compilation of all the still-image cutscenes of BS Super Mario Collection and the accompanying Soundlink audio that goes with it. These segments seem to have some degree of loose story adaptation elements, which make you think they're just adapting the stories of the respective games, but Yuuki Nae's presence and references to older Mario Satellaview broadcasts really makes the intended continuity confusing.

Some notable odd sequences include:
1) Princess Peach giving Nae the green-eyed jealousy treatment.
2) The cast stepping on eggshells trying to describe Peach's behavior in BS Super Mario USA, most likely related to a certain thing that "could not be broadcast".
3) Peach tickling Mario and Toad for... some reason.
4) The difficulty of SMB2J/Lost Levels being represented in-story by Mario becoming exhausted and needing extra motivation to continue.
5) A letter from Luigi.

You can watch the BS Super Mario Collection in it's entirety (well, minus ContentID claims) on kukun kun's playlist here.

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