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(EDIT: Before anyone asks, yeah, that "Super Pro Commander" thing is the Playstation version, and as such I am just as confused as you are, because up until this point the PS1 version of SFZ was not directly referred to as far as I could tell.)

I normally don't comb through the Game Catalogue 2 episodes for Sega Saturn prototypes - mostly just because at cursory glance, for the most part I didn't find anything glaringly obviously pre-release. However, this moment stuck out like a sore thumb.

To promote Street Fighter Zero (localized as Street Fighter Alpha) for Sega Saturn, they show off this early version right on screen, complete with a label that literally looks like my Dreamcast bootleg scribbles.

The game doesn't look discernibly different from the final game otherwise, making that CD's on-screen appearance all the more baffling.

Perhaps I should go back into these and try to find more Sega Saturn pre-release stuff.

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